energy report

August 2020

Oh boy.
Hold on.
This one is coming in hot.

August, the month we are now in. A feeling of freedom comes rushing in. One that is welcomed, one that we need. One that indeed feels like a reprieve.

Perhaps even a bit of a rest. One that we need to prepare for what’s next. This energy isn’t easy or slow. Instead, it’s filled with fun, fast, and go with the flow.

This month I’ve been shown a water slide. One with a person sliding down smiling, laughing, and filled with excitement as they glide through the sky.

This month has so much joy, fun, and creativity built into it… it’s what we do with it and when and if we allow it.

Typically August is a month exploring the depths of summer. Now instead it’s spent taking action on who we are at our core and implementing what we enjoy that brings us the deepest fulfillment.

This water slide is bumpy, yet fun. It goes by so fast you question it when it’s done.

August wants us to go have fun. To enjoy it while it’s here because it’s a gift from above. It’s forcing us to go out there and play and be one with the sun.

This energy encourages us to play to find a new form of driven self-expression.
It’s almost like we’re being told to go be free. Have some joy before the world needs who we are meant to be. Or amongst the play, we find who we are and find the courage to dive in and explore.

This month will live fast and bring it things we never imagined. Helping us to reach new levels of our own human existence.

The question is: Do you use it? Do you fear it? Do you do what it takes to step fully in?

It’s time to awaken and let your sights sore to new unexplored places.

This month is all about sparking a creative new passion. One that lights you up from the inside out. One that changes you and impacts the world as you say it out loud.

This is the month to awaken your inner lion.
To step fully into the power you hold within.

August though, remember to play. Remember to bring more joy into your life and watch as the abundance gates flood open as you celebrate who you are and who you are blooming to be.

The biggest message here is to go and have fun and allow yourself abundant joy for a job well done.

If you’re feeling stuck in a place of unknown certainty, embrace.

Embrace as much as you can each and every single day.

Enjoy the ride.
Because what’s up next is going to be a crazy ripple worldwide.

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