the masks we wear…

I’ve been feeling really called to talk about this topic. It has been pulling at me for weeks. And to be honest, it might not be what you think. In fact I am going to guess that by this title I have chosen you may feel triggers, upset or even clicked on just to see what the heck I am on about this time around.

This blog post isn’t here to make anyone uncomfortable, and it also isn’t here to start or cause arguments of any sorts. It is simply food for thought.

While reading this I ask that you use your own discernment. That you choose for yourself what you believe, and also maybe keep an open mind to learning more past what you already know to be true for you. I ask this not only of what I choose to post but for what you are consuming in the world around you too.

We have had a big year, and by no means do I think or believe we are in the clear. In fact my truth and what I know about energy and the universe- the revolution has only just begun. Which means more mountains to climb with unknown destinations, and views we have no idea in what they will look like.

But for today I felt called to talk about masks….. not only the ones we are currently being told to wear, but the ones we have been wearing for a long time. Long before Covid-19.

When I see a mask I believe a few things. For starters I completly understand why we need to wear them if we are sick or going to a place that requires them.

I also see ‘speak no evil’ when I see them. I see our mouths being covered and our voices being dismantled.

I know, I know…. that’s a huge trigger for some. But stay with me for a minute while I wrap all this into one important message I believe we could all learn from.

Maybe we have been wearing masks for a long time. Maybe we have been being quiet about the things in our life that are important to us, maybe we chose to stay small and not question things because we were told it was right. Or maybe we have been masking things in our life for a while. Maybe 2020 and the laws of needing to wear a mask are asking us to truly look a little deeper.

That’s why I am here. I am a deep in thought type thinker. 

Bandaids for example, what do they cover? They cover our ‘ouchie’ and parts of us that need to be healed. They are a mask for our hurts, for our bruises, for the parts of us that are vulnerable.

Masks and bandaids…. how is she tying these together?

Both of these objects cover something up. Covering a surface layer of something much deeper, something internal.

Again, I know this is contreversial. If this isn’t for you- hey that’s okay too. Like I said use your own judgement, but if you feel resonance keep on reading to see if perhaps this sparks something for you. 

Yesterday I was featured on an Instagram account called @solbruelixirs where my story was featured in summary of my sober curious journey. Reading it back and seeing some of the messages of others who have been sober as well… the theme goes that alcohol was covering something up just like a mask and bandiad as well.

So naturally- my brain tied all of this together and has lead me to a point of wondering… WHAT on earth are we covering up? Why are we covering up? Who is telling us to cover up? And what is the deeper message and meaning behind all of this.

Drinking for me at some points was an escape, I wanted to feel free and be social and experience a happiness I didn’t know how to feel anywhere else.

Bandaids for children are a coping mechanism (just like alcohol for adults), as soon as they bandaid is on it works like a placebo (most of the time) and they move on.

We put on our masks and walk into stores because this is what we are doing, because it’s what we’ve been told.

But how does that fix the root of the problem? Are we wearing a mask and not choosing to look deeper into the root of what’s really going on?

We can put a bandaid over something that is bleeding again and again, but it doesn’t fully heal until you feel it and deal with it. THIS is what we know for sure.

It is beyond easy to cover up things on the surface. We as humans are so good at it. We are conditioned and accustomed to doing this. WE all have been raised to do this. Our society, or people, all of us. We have devices, vices, food, beverages. There is always something to cover up what’s really going on underneath the surface.

So I am curious… I am always curious. I want to know why we are so afraid to go to the root. Why are we scared to dig up things from the past? Why don’t we ask questions? Why do we pretend?

Maybe this has nothing to do with the masks we wear currently in 2020. And hey, I am LOVING the innovation of seeing Entrepreneurs making masks and using their skills to help humanity. We do need them, that is a fact. Bandaids too. But I am curious what is really going on at the root?

I’ll leave you with this… What are we covering up that we aren’t talking about? What is being masked in our own lives and in the collective? How do we open more and TALK about the things under the surface once and for all? How do we move forward into a revolution with empathy, compassion and informative disscusions? How do we shift from limitations of the past to freedom of living our truth and who we are at our own unique core?

Maybe this is the lesson. Maybe, just maybe this is it. 


Note from me to you: If you made it to this point. Thank you. Thank you for taking time to read thoughts that have been floating in my mind that felt vulnerable to write and say. Thank you for choosing to read a new veiw, a new perspective. Seriously thank you. Life hasn’t been easy this year and OH BOY being a human can be hard. I commend you for getting this far. I believe we are all here right now for something large, bigger than the world has every known.. bigger than all of us. With that I believe it is important to speak, to share and to say things that others may not always see in the same way or believe is theirs. We are humans. We all have blood. Yet we are different and that’s what makes us us. So when we share these thoughts and others read- personally I believe it is a chance to look at someone else and say “hmm… that is interesting”, and then decide if that is what you believe. We are learning and unlearning daily. We are all doing things based of how we were raised to be and what we learned was the way to be. But now it is different. Now we are growing out of the past and into new territory asking us to TRULY get honest about what it is be believe and why. It’s about asking question. It’s about agreeing to disagree. It is about listening to others opinions, values and beliefs. I am learning this first hand. I am learning that I am aloud to speak my truth, just as others are too. Somewhere in there comes immense growth. This is why I shared this blog today. Controversial maybe. A learning tool, maybe. For me these are thoughts dancing in my head… and what I know to be effective is sharing those thoughts often makes others not feel so alone in their thoughts. So here I am, sharing this. Vulnerable. Brave. And using courage to lead the way. Speak your truth… you’ll feel good I promisse you. 

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