How on EARTH is Virgo Season going to affect my life…..

Welcome to Virgo Season 2020 Style.

This is the month where we begin to move toward the fall, the second half of the year. We often find ourselves getting back into the swing of things in September going back to work, school and getting into our goals for the second half of the year.

Before I move any further I want to say this… 2020 IS NOT DEAD!

I actually was listening to a podcast the other day called ‘The Health Code”, where they spoke about this. How we have all gotten to point where we are like WTF is happening and let’s just throw in the towel. With so much happening around the world and this year throwing us one epic and insane dodgeball tournament, it’s a give in that we are going to want to feel this. However, I have been getting a strong message that Virgo season is going to feel much like January. After I listened to this podcast episode it was definitely a reminder that we still have a long way to go, while also we can still accomplish and work toward our dreams.

Back to Virgo News…

Virgo is an earth sign which means the energy that surrounds this sign and the month of September often helps us ground down. It empowers us to get back to the details of things and make plans to literally set our plans in motion. Virgo holds an energetic layer around it of needing to really get clear and specific about what is next for us on our goal list.

One thing we have been learning is the ultimate lesson of surrender… NOT something Virgo’s love. They love to be organized, have and make plans and have them go EXACTLY as planned. This can be an amazing aspect of Virgo- yet somehow our world doesn’t want us operating from that space right now which is why we are being invited to learn surrender.

2020 Virgo season wants us to lean more into healing. Surrender into the unknown by healing ourselves and the people around us.

I am feeling like there will be a lot of slow energy moving into our internal worlds during this season and it will really start to call us toward healing the hurt that is happening inside of us which in turn helps our Earth.

Many people aren’t aware of this but naturally Virgo’s are the healers. They are the ones that come up with medicine from mama earth. They are the ones who can use the healing properties of nature to heal. This is where some of the magical energy they have resides.

This month we will be being called to heal. To mend. And to take care of ourselves from within.

There is another layer to all of this that is also important to note moving forward.

Many of us have dreamt up new ideas and creations this summer. First we moved through the emotions of Cancer season in July, then we blasted out of our comfort zones and told the world what we were ready to create in August #LEOSEASON….. Guess what?

Virgo season comes along to help us set those plans in place. It is here to help us get to the details of what we are wanting to create. This energy helps us find the steps that help us set the plan in motion. It is time to lay the ground work. It is time to get to work and make this new dream come to life.

One thing I do want to touch on is that Mars is also retrograde and it’s in the sign of Aries. This means we will have the push to want to go, anger will definitely come up AND we will just want to PUSH full steam ahead. Mix that in with this Virgo energy and we remember PATIENCE is a virtue and that having a plan can be beneficial when executing something new.

Below are 5 tangible ways to use this Virgo energy in the month ahead…

GET GROUNDED : Get out into nature. You are basically a plant, so the best course of action here moving forward is to get as much light, water and soil as you can because in order to BLOOM and collect your harvest you need nature. You need to feel the soil in-between your toes and walk on the dirt and grass. This is a magical, magical medicine that this season offers us. How will you use it?

GET ORGANIZED: Okay so typically this is an amazing time to let yourself dive into ALL things plans and organization. This energy will make us feel the urge to clean things out, declutter, move things around- while also can be getting us ready in a sense to welcome new things in. Essentially it is like preparing your foundation for everything to grow properly and with love and ease.

GET GOING WITH SELF CARE: This is a month where we are going to find a huge emphasis on healing. Like I said above we are all being called to heal A LOT of stuff in our own lives and the world. Mama earth is calling us to heal, and help her heal too. Earth is Virgo. Virgo are natural born healer. We can see this so clearly in a lot of the work Virgos do. They have a natural ability to find things that come from more of an earthy realm of healing. Self Care isn’t selfish. Getting outside and hiking on a day you’re meant to be working, isn’t selfish. Self -care days are 1000% needed. AND not to mention we are now living in a time where the moment you feel sick, you’re encouraged to stay home and rest. September and the fall months will have a large emphasis on this.

GET YOURSELF A HEALER: First off you can be your own healer, you can learn how to heal yourself, and you can use this season to find new and different ways to help you. Each of us is different we all work in different ways and that in turn means we heal in different ways. With all that being said we are here to help ourselves and the world around us AND we can ask for help in areas we aren’t sure of. This is is big part of Virgo season and I do get a sense we will be learning this month lessons that VIRGOS themselves need to learn in their lives. This includes how to ask for help and allowing help just as much as they help others. This includes surrendering and being okay when things don’t always go to plan and of course, allowing life to be imperfect. WITH ALL OF THAT BEING SAID- all healers deserve healers too. Wether you classify yourself as a healer or not, whatever work you do- you deserve someone who will hold space for you growth and healing. This will support you in your own journey and also empower you to continue on the journey of personal development and self healing the world is asking of you. Remember, when we heal ourselves we help heal the world.

GET READY FOR EARTH SCHOOL : This is meant to be slightly funny, terrify you and also excite you so BUCKLE UP! We’re getting ready to take the ultimate school bus ride. Ms Frizzle would be the leader on this one THAT is for sure. 😉

During this next month we are about to SEE and FEEL and HEAR more news here on Earth. We are not out of the woods yet- however the woods we be a great place to boost your immunity and get grounded SO maybe do that.

This month and moving forward for the rest of 2020 we are ALL going back to school. We are going to Earth School. And our job is to pay attention. We are here to learn the basics of what being a human is about. Empathy, compassion, nature, nurture, our immune systems. We are unlearning, relearning and remembering ways of the past and bringing them forward into our modern world. This means yes- there will be LOTS of discussion around medicine and how we use it. There will be talks on how we choose to heal, “new” yet really old modalities will come up to be explored. Along with so many other lessons this earth gives us. We need to plant some new roots. We need to get back to our roots. We need to allow ourselves to open our minds and explore new and old options and allow them to help us create our new normal.

I’ll leave you all with this…

Virgo season may look slightly different this year, yet it does still have a feel of January 2.0. 2020 isn’t dead and really I believe we are getting a second chance with Virgo season. We are getting a chance to change, a chance to do things right. Remembering that every single breakdown leads to a breakthrough you on some level have known you have needed. Our job as humans is to learn and be open as well as break down the way things have already been done… WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION. This is the beginning once again. This month will point you to places you may have not thought of, yet there is a peaceful ease here IF, (and I say if because you have a choice) you decide that it is time to get in the school bus and learn this new way of life.

Allow Virgo season to help you clean things out, reorganize, declutter. But also allow it to prepare you to bring new ways of being, doing, operating come in. New routines are being activated now. New goals that feel more aligned to the life you want to begin are being presented to you now. Pay attention. Listen. Get into nature when you can- because that right there is where you’ll find the messages and clarity you seek moving forward in the coming weeks.

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