are you listening to the signs from the universe???

First of all, if your new to this concept you probably are like “what the actual BEEP is she talking about?” …. in which case it excites me that you’re reading this. 

I truly want to start inviting people to open their minds to new concepts and ideas. I want to share through my lens and so many others. I want to show others there are ways to do things other than the “norms” you and I were born into. 

For those of you reading this who are tapped into your intuition – you’re probably not going to be surprised or learn anything new here. BUT you might 😏

So, I’ll ask this question again…

Do you listen to the signs from the universe? 

Every single day we walk around in life taking things in from many different angles. Our subconscious mind is like iCloud. You can’t see it, but it’s there and somehow always storing shit you don’t know how to get. 

When we walk around in our daily lives our subconscious mind is working 24/7. Picking up on things altering the way you live. When you start to move through your subconscious storage (aka the cloud) you start to shift into a more conscious way of living.

Living from this place means you become more aware of the world and the truth around you. You become more in tune (intuition) with you’re own emotions, others and the energy that is constantly surrounding you. 

The more conscious we become the less we live through our subconscious programming. 

Which in turn means moving from the surface three-dimensional layer of life to the deeper layer of life. The 5D everyone’s talking about. 

So again, are you listening to the signs from the universe? 

On some level, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know, those things you chalk up as coincidences…. or the times where you feel something and then trick yourself into THINKING something else. 

Oh, we as humans are interesting aren’t we. 

*Why is it so hard for us to believe in magic? 

*Why do we resist believing in something more? 

*Why do we dismiss the feelings we get in order to live from logic? 

When you choose to listen to the signs, you will FEEL more aligned. It starts to feel calming and peaceful as you move through change. You begin to recognize patterns that will present themselves to empower you to keep going OR to change direction.

The feelings that are innate within you become way more heightened, like a GPS that re-routes so fast you rarely miss your turn. 

So, again- do you listen to your signs? 

How many times does something have to repeat in your life for you to take action? 

How many times? 

My question for you is why do you resist it? Why do you decide to think otherwise? 

Why does it make you feel silly to listen to something not based on science or “voice of reason”? 

Following signs from the universe/god/ your higher self (whatever you believe to be true) is an incredibly confusing thing at first. It’s only natural our human selves get in the way. But when we listen and get clear, it helps the path forward appear. 

A few things I want to note: 

Listening to your universal signs and messages often don’t make much sense.

They are more of a feeling. Like the saying “you know when you know” type feeling. 

You might start to see the same thing again and again, try and use the rule of 3. (Learned this from a friend) if you hear it 3 times DO something with it. Take it as a good pointer in the right direction. #lindalisten

When you don’t listen…. it will either get louder and or FORCE you to listen. This is what we call pebbles, to Boulder moments. For example…. it took and is taking a HUGE boulder moment for our world to currently wake up. We haven’t been listening. Our world has been needing us. 

When it comes to listening to your signs there is a HUGE difference between looking for them and them finding you. For starters it’s normal to be to new to this and go looking for them… trust me I did that too 🙋🏽‍♀️ BUT it feels inherently different when it comes to you. When you surrender and then out of nowhere you’re like, oh yup okay. “I get it universe” 

I think the most important part of this all and something I’ve had to work through, is understanding that the “what if” or skeptical part of your brain that pops in – that’s logic. That’s your humanness. That voice is a voice of old subconscious beliefs that have been passed down through centuries. Literally, think about it… years ago people who followed their intuition or guidance were considered witches and healers. They were burned at the stake. I mean… that’s a lot of generational reprogramming we’ve to go to do. So just be gentle with yourself. The more you lean in, the more you begin to trust…. the less that voice will pop in and the less that subconscious mind will run the show. 

Try it. Try and see where the signs lead for you. Especially in times where we feel unsure or uncertain, there are huge benefits in just simply listening. Listening to yourself, to your own intuition. The signs will find you.

Open your mind and let them come through. 

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