the full moon in Pisces effect: a look inside the last 6 months…

Today we welcome the moon at her fullest potential. Today she is in Pisces illuminating the sky. 

We are met with this brightness at a time of interesting new beginnings and changes that have been happening behind the scenes for some time now. 

This is the end of a 6-month cycle. 

This is the culmination point of not only great change but lasting change. 

Change within the values we hold, how we see ourselves, and how we live from our values and worth. 

Life is changing it’s inevitable and there is a lot of unknowns. 

I wanted to write a full blog post on this and not just an IG caption because of the fact there is a lot that’s happened during this cycle. And quite frankly they cannot be summed up in the limits of an Instagram box. 

Full moons come at the end of the moon cycle. Every new moon has a full moon. So how it works is based upon the sign the moon is in at the new moon, and then the culmination point is when the sign is the same in the Full Moon.

The last new moon in Pisces was on February 23rd, 2020. 

Let that sink in. 

Where were you in the last weeks of February moving into the first few weeks of March? 

This is right before our lives all changed into what was and to now what is. 

Moon cycles bring with them lessons that are aligned with the sign. For example, Pisces is the sign that rules spirituality, values, money, beliefs, our worth, emotions and dreams.

The last 6 months have had many aspects affecting our lives, and this moon cycle is only a small part of the pie. Yet somehow and in some area of life, we’ve been working on releasing some deep-rooted beliefs around our own values and the ways in which we choose to live our lives. 

There are times when Pisces has the side of energy that can feel like a victim and or like a martyr. Pisces also have a tendency to be people-pleasers…… we’ve been seeing this come to the surface and learning to lean in and release it.

Where were you at the New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd? How did that moon launch you into the last 6 months? 

Another thing to note is that Pisces is the end of the zodiac wheel. This is the sign that finishes the 12 signs. Some would say this has been the ultimate ending and catapult into our new lives. 

September is and always has been a time of ending and beginning. And with this moon cycle, it’s clear that we are beginning to see the endings take place as we close out one cycle and prepare for another. 

With Pisces being represented as the fish, who goes with the flow and learns to ride with the changing of the tides, this is a lesson we are all being given with this ending and as we embrace this transformation. 

Not knowing where we will go is one of the things that is scary to most. Having a plan and structure is a way to feel in control of outcomes… yet under this light, we are being shown first hand that we have no control over what isn’t in sight. Learning this lesson is hard yet is needed. It’s needed because we’re moving into a space filled with heart lead decisions. This is Pisces energy. Pisces can flow using their emotions. They see things others don’t because they are tuned into their hearts. We’ve never been taught to use our intuition yet somehow we are here now learning this new navigation system. 

This full moon is big. This cycle was huge, we were thrown into deep ends we couldn’t see through. Yet somehow were here, we have learned how to swim. We managed to figure out how to let some light in. 

Pisces teaches us to flow with the waters and shift and change when a new wave emerges, it’s no coincidence that the last 6-month cycle turned out to be a lesson in surfing for the world around us. 

The best way to use this energy is by allowing yourself to reflect. By allowing yourself to sit with it all and make space for what’s next you create a container for your emotions to be met and heard. You give yourself breathing room to not only let things go but also to see and hear yourself and give compassion for where you are at and where you have been.

Ultimately life is one big cycle. We must learn to honour ourselves for growing and changing before moving forward. This is what we call the integration period. Vital for change, and a very important step.

Use this energy to breathe into all thats been gained, changed and let go of in your life. This is where deep reflection can take place and where you will feel emotions be released.

You have come so far in such a short time. Give yourself grace. Give yourself love. And remember that the world is ready for you, were just awaiting divine time.

If you’re looking for a workbook/ritual to guide you through this moon. CLICK HERE to grab your Pisces Full Moon workbook.

2 thoughts on “the full moon in Pisces effect: a look inside the last 6 months…

  1. Ughh so accurate rn.
    Although there was a massive panther in my dream… and a small snake. Both non threatening but stressful. Connected??


  2. Hey girl !
    Oh the dream state is whack right now!

    Snake is transforming and shedding skin, and panther WELLLLLL perhaps your upgrading your lions mane 😉


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