new moon virgo : get your shit together

By now I think you are getting the hint that I am obsessed with all things outta this world AND will be writing way more about it moving forward.

Why, you ask?

Because personally I have spent as mass amount of time the past few years really working on myself. Diving into deep spiritual practices and also a shit ton of personal development and self help books. I have and always want to live in alignment with me…. ALL OF ME. And as you can see studying the stars, the moon and other worldly things is my jam and I believe it has something to teach each and every one of us.

So here I am to help be a twinkling little star to guide you on your way 😁 (jk, more like a translator for the cosmic body above us which no one taught us growing up. maybe I shouldn’t assume- maybe you did learn. I however did not).


Today, September 17th 2020 is the day we are met with this beautiful New Moon in Virgo. When the moon is ‘New’, that means it is dark in the sky. That means that the tides in the ocean are at its lowest. Which translates into our energy. We often feel a bit sluggish during these times and a little bit lower on energy. There is a reason for this….. During this cycle it is important to turn inward. To allow space to hear and feel what it coming up. Often times we will get new ideas and insight that will lead us toward a place we have been imagining. We also get this space to really tune into our own energy vs those of others. Creativity begins to bloom again here. A period in which woman are often very magnetic.

Every new moon is like a fresh slate. A new beginning. The starting point of the journey.

During a new moon it is typically said that this is a great time to manifest and set new intentions for the 6 months to come. (I always like to suggest tuning into how this energy feels for you and then decide- do you feel more like setting new intentions OR do you feel like letting go and releasing? The choice is always yours). Many others like to suggest putting out crystals and moon water- sometimes I choose to do that, and sometimes I do not. This is the power we have to feel into what is right for us. The moon is a wonderful tool, as well as all the other bits and bobs like crystals and tarot cards…. But YOU, you are the most powerful one of the equation. Trust yourself and the vibe you get- then follow it.

However, here is my little run down on what I’m feeling for this New Moon in Virgo.

In summary... ‘GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER’ (yes I just said that- sorry mom 😎)

Virgo is all about the details of things and wanting to make a plan to make things happen. And while I don’t think I need to tell you that 2020 has been about learning to throw the plan out the window and surrender to the process, this is about setting yourself up so the plan of the universe can happen.

How does one do this you ask?

They listen to their intuition. You know what has been calling your name. You can feel it in your bones. What have you been pushing aside, what have you been deciding to worry about later on? How can you piece together all these little pieces to make the puzzle come to life.

Building or reonvating a house takes time. First the demolistion takes place and everything gets ripped out so it can be rebuilt again. Then the framework is laid. That is when we are able to start putting together the more solid actions to build our vision. This new moon is us at the stage of basically poruing the final bits of concrete. (I feel like we have been doing that- although there may be a little more to go in one area of the house). Then we wait. We wait for the concrete to dry before we can get a move on with the rest of the pieces needed to finsih the house.

Let me be clear- this house isn’t estimated to be done until the end of the year. BUT you can’t give up or nothing will get done. THIS IS YOUR DREAM HOUSE. Are you really going to give up on it like that? No, no you are not. Keep moving even when it looks like a mess and overwhelms you. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER… in the most loving way possible.

With all that being said- what are you still needing to do to build this solid foundation? It will be different to everyone (obviously)…. but it needs your attention. It needs to be done.

** as I am typing this I am saying “okay, Courtney take your own advice you hypocrite”… ill be doing this pre full moon (so by the time you’re reading this because well new moon vibes ya know 😅)**

You can use this moon to do all the things, set your intentions, manifest and drink your moon water- but it is also more importantly about making sure you have everything together. Double check the list. And then you know that feeling of when you get to rest when everything is done… THAT is this new moon integration. You will know the feeling. When you have taken all your inspired action and prepped your NOW so the future will be bright and bold like this dream house. Congratulate yourself for getting your shit together and ADULTING (again Virgo vibes hardcore)!

Above all enjoy this energy. Get out into nature and nourish yourself and body when you can. Be of service to yourself so you can show up for the rest of the world. Where you are going is going to look and feel differently than it ever has before. This can be scary- but trust me when I say you have got what it takes to leap and lead the way in this new life of yours. You are the creator after all 😉.

If you are looking for a new moon ritual I have created some new moon pages. If you would like a copy of your own I would be happy to send you one. They are by donation. Pay what you can. Email me and I will send one your way- and donation at

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