the significance of a leap year…

2020 the year filled with an abundance of retrogrades, unexpected turns of events, and a year that has 366 days in it vs the typical 365.

Before I even start writing this blog.. I want you to think back to February 2020. Specifically February 29th. What were you doing? Some were gathering and having parties to celebrate the extra day (I bet part of you wishes you had that party now 🥴).

February 29th 2020. This was our leap day, in a year that we didn’t expect would pan out the way it did. The way it currently is.

Lately I have been thinking about this. Thinking about how we were given a leap year in such an insane year. My brain has wandered to places before February 29th and I have spent time looking at the decision I have been making in my own life, and the decisions others have been making.

There has been a theme.

So many people on this planet are navigating unknown waters and places they haven’t ever known before. Some of those waters are scary and feel incredibly deep and overwhelming. Some are dipping their toes into lakes that feel more like home… yet are afraid to go all in because of not knowing how deep the water gets.

We as humanity are being asked to leap. To dive into the deep end without knowing how we will swim to the top.

2020 Leap Year.

This year has been bringing so much up to the surface and we are almost being forced into change. We are feeling the water rising and our head just above water looking for a way out. The thing with this is- our way out has been there the entire time. It has been the thing we’ve known has been looming in the background that we didn’t want to acknowledge. We wanted to ignore it. But this year brought it all up- there is no more ignoring what we know is there. It isn’t possible any longer.

Which is why I wanted to write this blog today… especially today.

Maybe the significance of a leap year is to show us that you get an extra day. A day that only comes around every 4 years and YOU get to choose what you do with it. Maybe this is a metaphor for life. Maybe this is amplified this year to show us. To show us that what we want, wants us. But we have to be willing to loose sight of the shore. We have to be willing to believe in something more. We have to leap and not have all the answers for the first time… maybe ever. Maybe this is the significance of the leap year we are having right now.

Writing this right now I can feel my eyes start to swell up, tears are building. I feel an intense body sensation rush over me as I begin to write the words below….

‘Life, life is short- we know that now. We are being shown this in every way right now.’

Perhaps this year has magnified there is no greater time than right now to decide to live the life we have been talking about for long enough. Maybe this particular leap year is screaming at us… and saying, “HEY, ARE YOU GOING TO DO THIS OR WHAT?”

Take the risk, or loose the chance.”

Leap Years… they remind me of bungee jumping.

You see when I went bungee jumping for the first time, I was so excited about the experience that was coming. Although I resisted it HARD at first. I got my head in the game and was excited to get there and DO THE THING. But when I got there and saw the height of the bridge I freaked out. The idea of bungee jumping was great… when I wasn’t there. When it wasn’t almost time to DO THE DAMN THING.

It finally was my turn. I walked up to the edge, harnessed up and ready to go. My heart was beating rapidly out of my chest. The excitement had worn off because I needed to now do the action that I said I was going to do… and not to mention THIS WAS A MASSIVE LEAP into the unknown. I looked down and felt my heart sink. The guy started to count me down to jump and I yelled at him to stop. I said (screamed), “I will jump when I am ready!” … while 5 other people were awaiting there turn.

I could tell they were all slightly getting annoyed but my fear was doing the talking. I took a big breath and said okay…. He said “lets count backwards from 10”. I trusted him.

“10,9,8 BYEEEEE”…….. and off the cliff I went screaming for dear life.

He pushed me off way before I thought he was going too… I didn’t think I was ready. Maybe I wouldn’t have ever been ready. He pushed me off the bridge. Guess what.. I am so glad he did.

The point to this story is that guy who pushed me… lets call him Mr. Universe.

If you don’t do the things that you have always said you want to do, if you do not take the steps to move you toward your goal, if you choose to allow fear and the need to be comfortable to control your life… you won’t ever get to experience the most breathtaking breakthroughs of life. You become stuck, stagnate and complacent in your own life. You miss out. You sit on the sidelines watching it all pass by.

Unless you have a Mr. Universe. Someone who believes in you and your path and KNOWS you will be more than alright. Sometimes it takes that push, and or swift kick from the universe to say, “hey- 10,9,8 YOU ARE READY.”

Maybe this is the lesson and significance from the leap year.

If you do not jump, seize the moment you have been talking about…. maybe you’ll get a push. Maybe you wont feel ready. Maybe the universe knows you are. Maybe this is the beautiful part of a leap year especially now in the year 2020.

If he didn’t push me, I don’t know if I would have jumped. I was terrified and my fear mind was kicking up and telling me to F EVERYTHING AND RUN. But what I learned besides that I am badass 😎, is that I can do hard and scary things and be alright. I learned that I am supported. That the dreams and desires I have will be there- it just takes getting a little (maybe a lot) uncomfortable to do the actionable steps to get there.

Leaping into the unknown isn’t ever easy. But staying in a place that feels fuelled by fear and the scaries… I know now that I would rather leap than wonder “what if” for the remainder of my life. Because I know now that every moment is precious. Every second of this life we have is a gift and I don’t want to waste a minute of it wondering “what if.”

So now I believe the question is…..

Does Mr Universe need to help you? Or are you taking matters into your own hands?

ps. I do not want to minimize the amount of hardships that have occurred this year. Life has been tough, a challenge and many of us are hurting inside. To those people I say.. you are the strongest of us in times like these. For those looking at this year and feeling fearful of whats going on… I ask you to stop for a minute and remember your own thoughts. I ask those of us who have big dreams to take the leaps into living those dreams. I ask us all to be compassionate and choose empathy and love above all. I wish for us to take this leap year into our own hands and trust ourselves, god, the universe, source- that they will catch our fall. Most importantly I hope this leap year teaches you to seize every opportunity you have. Dream big, even bigger. And remember you are loved and supported more than ever now- yes even when it doens’t look like it.

The universe is ALWAYS conspiring in your favour. Leap. The world needs you more than ever now.

If you are feeling you need support during this time and or emotions that feel tough to navigate, please know you are always worthy and deserving of help. There are many amazing humans out there who can and want to help and who understand deep emotional feelings. This hasn’t been an easy year. You are not alone. You are loved. And I believe the world is waiting for you special magic touch that only you have. It’s okay to rest and take breaks when you need them. But please remeber you are NEEDED and there is help avalible to help you get through this. – offers safe spaces ONLINE ZOOM check-ins / other helpful resources in Canada.

Call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) – If you are in crisis or know someone who is

310Mental Health Support: If you are a BC resident you can call this number for services and support.

Betterhelp Online Services: This is an online counselling service that provides affordable services with trained and experiences counsellors.

you never ever, ever have to do this alone. xo

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