libra season… rebalancing

Libra Season. One of my favourites.

The feeling of calm, gentle and empathic understanding. Mixed with the voice of logical reason and working together in a harmonious way.

Libra season September 22nd- October 20th/21st.

  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Partnerships
  • Art
  • Music
  • Equality
  • Justice System
  • Legalities
  • Fairness to Humanity
  • Mirror
  • People Pleasing
  • Yin/ Yang

This is our harvest season and as some would also say ‘cuffing season’. Both in which feel in extreme resonance for Libra season. After Virgo we need a bit more love and balance in our lives. And before we go deep in the season of Scorpio, here in this season we get to be here. We get a chance to see others as equals and look at our lives and bring more balance into areas that may feel slightly out of equilibrium.

Libra is our justice of peace ruler. This is the sign that comes to help the people, the world in ways that are ‘fair’ and ‘just’.

This year, as we all know is a lot. And it isn’t finished yet. We are moving into one of the biggest election seasons of all time (well for most of us in our lifetime thus far). This Libra season we can expect to see, to hear and to FEEL the intensity start to creep up for this election. While also we will see lots to do with conversations on what is fair and what isn’t. Strategies being put in place and it also somewhat feels like “the calm before the store”.

Libra is the WE vs ME sign. Libra does life better and in more alignment with partnerships and relationships. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money, beauty and value. They are an air sign that loves to live a life of not only freedom, but fair and equal freedom with those they love and value.

Yes, you guessed it this month we will see a rise of emphasis on our own relationships in our lives. We will feel the pull toward gratitude and love for the ones we are doing this life with. It might even mean for some of us bringing more healing and balance to what we have left behind or let go of during this first days of fall. Especially in the areas of relationships.

Libra- one of the signs that leans on helping others and is known for being a “people pleaser”. This doesn’t mean they are all people pleasers. But the energy of Libra and Libra season is to keep things on an equal and even playing ground… which means not rocking the boat to much OR finding a way to make both sides feel validated in order to feel peace and calm with whatever is going on. It’s “I hear that and see that… AND______”. It isn’t one sided. Libra energy is two sides.

How can we see two sides of everything? Perhaps another lesson of 2020. Maybe these next four weeks we will get to find a way to do just that.

Libra’s are kind and loving. As we approach our harvest season and get to reap the rewards of all our hard work…. Libra season encourages us to give as much as we get. To be in relationships with others. To collaborte. To work together. To let the relationships in our life mirror back to us parts of ourselves that we love, and to help us heal the parts of us we feel need a big more TLC.

Overall this season is feeling like love in the storm and getting caught in the rain… dancing through it with a wide open heart.

It feels like a gentle touch or hug, a smile behind a mask from a stranger and breeze of fall air brushing against our skin… all while knowing chaos is brewing. It is the ultimate feeling of equanimity.

You might feel the urge this season to get online and start chatting more to a few online prospects (maybe even a more than few, Libra is the flirt). Or you might feel more called toward changing your appearance, sprucing your wardrobe and getting a new hair doo. Maybe appreciate the slower and shorter days and appreciate the art of the world and bring new pieces into your home. Or maybe you are invested in learning more about the elections and want to be on top of what is going on. Wherever you are during this season, open your arms and heart to receiving. As I said this is about equal give and take, it is about opening your heart to love and beauty of all sorts. Appreciate this time and soak in the moments of peace and gratitude.

Welcome to the golden hour of Libra Season.

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