mercury friekkken retrograde…. am I right?

Yes, we are here again. ANOTHER ROUND of one of the worlds most FAMOUS retrograde seasons. Let’s all have a round of applause for MERCURY RETROGRADE ** cue applause**

The internet héros love to quote this time and poke fun at the mischief this planet likes to stir up. There are ways to make people laugh and also make people run their lives in an entirely different way. Let’s not get this twisted…. I am never here to blame a planet for it’s actions, however I am here to write about what it does in an energetic sense, as well as share my reflections on wtf it feels like personally in my own life. Not here to blame, just here to state my case. 😁


Mercury: The planet of communication, thoughts, speaking, conversations, how we communicate- aka technology, travel and of course the planet in which seems to be retrograde foreveeeerrrrrrrrrr…. (you were thinking it- I just said it)

Retrograde: This is when an illusion happens in the sky. When a retrograde happens it appears that the planet which is stationing Rx (this is the lingo for retrograde- keep up) is going backwards. It isn’t actually moving backwards, it just looks like it. From an energetic point of view this means that for us humans down here on Earth we are given a bit more of “backward” moving energy. Retrogrades – rethink, redo, replan, revise, revisit, relaunch, ALL THE RE……. THINK REWIND **insert the sound the old VCR’s use to make for full effect**

Now it is important to remember that every planet does go Rx, however the length in which they station that way depends on how fast they move. FUN FACT: the only planets that do not Rx are the Sun and Moon… because they aren’t classified as planets 🤓

With Mercury Retrograde it gives us a chance to really go over the areas in our lives that deal with our communication, our thought process, our developments and of course our plans. This is why we see a lot of things pop up about things returning, like THE RETRUN OF THE EX, or old conversations seem to pop up again, even in the dream state. When we have retrogrades and things come up to be re-looked it, it is actually a bit of a gift. A gift in which allows a situation to be re-done in a different way. No, this doesn’t mean it will be easy- in fact often times it is uncomfortable because when we don’t want to deal with something.. it is usually for a reason.

INSERT 2020….. YOU HAVE COME THIS FAR AND HAVE SURVIVED BIGGER RETROGRADES THEN THIS- so keeeeeep going. Clear out the shieeet and move on with your business.

This Mercury Retrograde is active in the sky from October 13th 2020- November 3rd 2020. Yes, you see those dates correctly (more on that in a minute). This Rx is in the sign of Scorpio. So how do we figure out what this means for us? How do we use this info?

When we break this down what we want to do is use all the characteristics of everything I just told you. Mercury, Retrogrades, and now we look at the sign it’s in- which in this case is Scorpio.

MercuryCommunication, Technology, Travel, Thinking etc.
RetrogradeInward, RE’s, Inward direction, Old things pop up etc.
ScorpioDeep, Transformation, Shadow, Dark, Emotions, Money/Debt etc.

What we do is we put these together and make a little story about how this could show up in our lives. This is what Astrologers will do when you see them online- however you can do this too with your own intuition and see how it aligns specifically for you. It would look a little something like this…..

This Mercury Retrograde is from October 13th 2020- November 3rd 2020. It is stationed Retrograde in the sign of Scorpio at 11 degrees. It will move ‘backward’ going over the sign of Libra up to the 25 degree point during this transit.

This Rx will be giving us lots of opportunity to go back over areas of our lives that we feel need revision and or more opportunity for transformation. This will encourage us to have tough and/ or emotionally deep conversations. There is a possibility that some will feel drawn to connecting in a much deeper and spiritual way. With Scorpio in main focus this is a much drawn in connection to the psychic realms as well as to the subconscious. This means we could see a rise in our dream state, and many emotions coming to the surface asking to be looked at in order to be transformed and transcended.

This is a transit that feels deeply, connects deeply, and has a 0 BS meter. Scorpio knows basically everything and has VERY heightened intuition and knows when something is off and will do everything to pull it out from under the rug and bring it to light. This is uncomfortable yes, but ultimately helps us grow in a way that only our souls know.

Have uncomfortable conversations, express your love, allow yourself to explore your intuitive abilities and don’t forget this is all happening in the area under the Libra sun and right into Scorpio season… I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a return of the Ex. Or relationships popping up again.

This is often a bit of a test. Will you lean into transformation and allow the discomfort to show you where to go next?

Remember, yes this transit can feel a little spooky and scary- but you are here right now reading this, in this time for a reason. I was reminded of this this past weekend. My soul, your soul- we all signed up for this. So whatever you are given- allow yourself to lean into the Scorpio energy is transmute all your energy into becoming the butterfly you’ve always wanted.



Oh I lied… one more thing. Above I stated that the last day of Mercury Rx is November 3rd 2020, which is the day of the election. YUPPPP! Another fun fact is the last time this happened was when Bush was president. And to my knowledge there was a lot of unknowns happening with that election as well. The thing is that with Scorpio is can also very minipulated and have a strong jealousy streak. This energy can mean that it is mysterious while also not always what it seems. When Mercury goes direct we may actually get more communication and clearer understanding of what is going on with the election- but just a note…. during the next few weeks. We may not be getting the entire story. We may be being slightly manipulated. AND we may actually see an entirely different outcome the second to third week of November. Just sayin’ 🙃

I’ll be chatting way more about this over on instagram – find me here

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