life as a dreamer….

Life as a dreamer….

This blog has been wanting to come out of me for a while now. The words I am about to write and share with you all are coming from the purest place of my heart. They are coming from a place of me and my abilities to dream.

I for one, am a dreamer.

I am a human with a soul who has a wild ‘imagination’. Who has grown from a little girl with make believe friends to a woman who believes in the unseen and make believe lands.

I believe in dreams more than I believe in anything really. I believe in dreams being our little window to our soul. I believe our dreams are a little look inside a life we are meant for.

Yet somehow I have grown up in a world who found ways to dampen my dreams. Who told me I was crazy and or silly for only wanting to believe and keep being me. I grew up and allowed them to take part of me.

This little girl inside of me who has and always will be an immense dreamer- was told to stay quiet and go where logic is the thing that matters. As I grew up somewhere along the way I lost that little girl… little did I know I would need a rock bottom to find her.

Living life as a dreamer is not one for the faint of heart. It is challenging and it defiently sets you apart. You become the black sheep, the one with 12 heads, the one who people roll their eyes at and think you’re off dancing in la la land.

Life as a dreamer has gotten a lot of flack, yet when it is something that is so so so close to home how could you live without it.

The fact of the matter is I never really lost that little girl, she was here the whole time- I just needed to allow her space and give her time.

Dreamers have typically been the ones who are different from the rest. The ones with big and wild imaginations right alongside the emotions that they possess. These dreamers though, they have a magic to them. One that lights others up when they walk by them.

Dreamers are magnetic, they have a power – one that draws in the others.

Because dreamers allow themselves to be different and allow themselves to dream, it becomes a characteristic others tend to find alluring.

Living life as a dreamer will always mean there will be someone who doesn’t agree, I mean how could they when someone took their little dreamer away. There will always be someone who wants to disagree, someone will always try to crush your dream. But dreamers who believe, and believe deeply in themselves- they know they are meant for more and can’t allow others to put their spark out. It takes work and a lot of support form those around them who help build them up.

The thing with this is… we are all dreamers. We are all here to live dreams that are innate inside of us.

Who are we to tell another that there dream is to big and not something they can accomplish?

The life of a dreamer is a courageous one. It has bravery written all over it.

I for one would love to say that for me being a dreamer is the only way. My dreams have lead me to places I wouldn’t have ever imagined I would be. My dreams have taught me lessons on not only how to be brave, but to also not care what other people say. Living life as a dreamer has given me strength to do whatever it takes to make that dream happen. I have become a little girl with a dream to a woman on a mission- all because I decided to let myself live as the dreamer I came here to be.

Dreams are big, and the bigger they are the scarier they feel to accomplish. Dreamers don’t stop themselves or limit their own potential.

So dream. And dream big. Bigger than you could ever imagine. Allow your imagination to show you the way of a live a life unimagined.

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