Lunar Eclipse Gemini – off to the races

Welcome to the lightening round. Things are picking up pace and what you could say is it feels like “making up for lost time”.

We haven’t been missing out on time however we have been going backwards and needing to revisit SO MANY TIMES this year… Ir’s time for the forward action to start taking place.

Before I get into this Eclipse I want to remind you all that at one point this year we had 7 planets in Rx andddddd and extra dose of an Eclipse mid way through the year… because ON BRAND with 2020 am I right?

Regardless now we are moving ahead.

Last week we had Neptune come out of Rx which deals with illusion and dreams, and being in Pisces ohhhhh thats a double dose of that energy. This makes things appear not as they seem and also feels a bit slower and less attached to this world- daydreaming much?

However with all that being said we have been able to get a close up of our lives as well as had the opportunity to zoom out at the bigger picture. Now, now we are here. Here is well, an interesting place to be because ALL OF US just want to skip the hard parts and make it to the place where blessings, joy and abundance comes… because we all know how much we deserve that right about now.


*Insert DUM DUM DUM music here……. 🙃😁

Sooooo here comes the Eclipse SZN portal of energy like sea biscuit on a hot summers day… knees weak, palms are sweaty- he’s nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready…

YES, yes I just quoted Eminem… very on point with this Gemini energy actually… but lemme get back to what I was saying!

This Lunar Eclipse is in the air sign of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, thoughts, and they LOVE to switch things up and are playful while doing it. They have thoughts that dance around all over the place and can have a bit of chaotic, yet hilarious energy. It works for them.. We are somehow going to get a dose of this energy in a time where everything we no longer need is going to be leaving us, wether we like it or not. Eclipses come in like a head of fate and they take you like a good old slip and slide into the direction you’re meant to go.

Don’t worry though… I know it’s hard not to with the year we have had BUT things are going to get better from here.

You may feel like you have been in a cloud and things haven’t been clear or you’ve been feeling the lack and clarity- that is lifting and QUICKLY. Quickly something is coming in to change the direction and move you into a space more aligned with your soul and where you are destined to go.

You cannot fight fate… try it I dare you 😉

This Lunar Eclipse is the what I want to say ending of a HUGE cycle. One that has lasted for years. Leading up to this date may have felt sad, heavy and emotionally draining- and for a good reason. Shedding. Shedding the layers of the past and preparing our emotional bodies for the world that is birthing next.

When we think of Gemini we think of the curious one, the child who is running around on the playground laughing and having fun, maybe even picking up bugs. Gemini knows there are more than two sides, in fact Gemini sees all the sides. This Lunar Eclipse is highlighting this. There are many sides and many paths to take.

Gemini is currently in our North Node of destiny, which amplify this energy and gives us the push we need to move us in the direction our soul has been screaming at us to take.

It’ll happen- and fast.

Life is going to look very different over the next two weeks…. prepare for that. (I mean as much as you can… we all know there isn’t much we can do now except wait sooo hey WTF do I know? 💁🏽‍♀️)

Anyway… This energy isn’t one to put out the crystals or drink the moon water, however I do encourage going over old journals and seeing where you were 6 months ago. Seeing how this energy might effect you by looking at your chart now. This is a good time to reflect on what you’ve learned and say CNTRL, ALT, DELETE TO EVERYTHING that you no longer want to come with you.

Time to reboot your system and get ready to run in a new way now.


*spaces limited*


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