do you know what it’s like to be the “black sheep?”

Definition of ‘Black Sheep’ (as per google)
a disfavored or disreputable member of a group

Let’s talk about this for a quick second… Someone literally came up with this term.. let that sink in.

The fact that someone in humanity decided that there was a “disfavoured member of a group” present they made a name for it, BLOWS MY (insert swear word here) mind!

Being a black sheep is a term I have heard many many times over the past few years, and the more that I heard it the more I realized many of these people saying it- were actually very simialr to me. Our backgrounds, our ideas, our “troubles”, our thoughts. WE were different, we were/are the “black sheeps”.

Before I go any further I will say this to start- I actually wear this proudly now and I will go into this later on in this blog- but just so you know….. 😉

What counts as someone being disfavoured I wonder as I write this? What really made they a “black sheep”?

Is it because they challenged the norm?
Is it because they didn’t do what they were told?
Is it because they didn’t fit in?
Is it because they were themselves?

You see what I know deeply to be true about human connection and behaviour is that we all just want to fit in and belong… we all want to fit in and belong (READ THAT SLOW AND AGAIN PLEASE)

When we all deeply just want to fit it and belong, we will do as we are told. We will even go as far as to dim our own light. We have seen this for centuries, I have seen this with children and in my own life.

I have wanted to fit in so badly that I have gone to great lengths to shift and change and become someone else at that time. I did a few things in my life that were 100% questionable and hurt others. I have even tried to change who I was for a guy…. newsflash that wasn’t ever going to work, but I thought if I just tried.

I have spent the majority of my life trying to fit in when really I was born to stand out.
I have spent years dulling my sparkle and telling others not to put their own light out.

I have spent my life trying to please others and do what is right… to live a life that others would be proud of, to follow the path that perhaps could make me happy, that would maybe lead me to a path of mine.

Does this make me a black sheep?

Hi, my name is Courtney Burns- please let me reintroduce myself (*clears throat*)

My name is Courtney. I’m a little loud (okay a lot loud). I cry a lot, I have lots of deep emotions that run through my bones. I am sad, and yes overly happy. I feel things on both ends very extremely.

I like things that are different and don’t follow someone else’s plan. I like when I can follow my own rythm and listen to my own intuion. I am a bit of a rebel and some would call me a risk taker… I would say I crave a little bit of adventure.

I have big ideas and even bigger dreams, I also don’t believe in things that are super mainstream- unless it’s dance hits from the 2000’s, clealy I LOVE a goo Britney jam.

I have opinions and a voice that is my own. I have thoughts and values that are “different” from many in the world. I see through my own eyes which are as big as my heart. I believe in fate and I believe in destiny, just like I believe this is a world that wasn’t made for others like me….

I have shushed my voice, I have listened to the masses and I have been tol to fit in a box that was never mine to begin with.

My name is Courtney and I am an Aquarius… does this make me a “black sheep”?

I see many people right now angry at the ones who choose to follow their own path, leading their own trails. I hear words from strangers who are upset that people wont listen or do what THEY think is best. But how do they know that’s what is best?

How do they know the “black sheep” might not know what is best?

So WTF is it really like to be the “black sheep”????

It’s hard but also personally fulfilling. I have come to realize through my chats with friends who also feel resonance with this- that hey, this label isn’t actually so bad.

You see, I do NOT ever want to be someone who fits in and does what they are told. I want to do what what I BELIEVE and feel is best moving forward. I also wouldn’t ever want to dim a child’s light so why on earth would I do that to mine.

I do not want to get married just because. And I am in no rush to find THE ONE….
I don’t care if I ever own my own home. And I definitely don’t plan to have a retirement fund….

I think being the black sheep could mean many different things BUT MY NEW NAME FROM THESE FOLKS is THE THOUGHT LEADERS OF THE CENTURY!

We might not agree and that’s okay… it’s actually the Black Sheep’s speciality.

OH and before I go… you should know, BLACK SHEEPS actually do have a heart of gold. They are kind, they are loving and they see things differently because they were made for a world that is changing.

These are the people who have made history.

So what’s it like living as a “black sheep” …….. it’s really f*cking freeing


*spaces limited*


*spaces limited*


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