Take a breather …. you gunna need it

Can we all just take a collective deep breath, a sigh… something that will help us moving forward in life?

I know I could definitely use a break… maybe like 100 days vacation at this point.

2020 is real, it was alive and constantly making us go through what felt like the spin cycle. Constantly moving, taking bits of air and before we knew it we were going around and around trying to survive getting rinsed out in there.

Let’s take a breath.

Breathe in the goodness of this current moment you are experiencing. If you’re reading this on your break or maybe it’s Sunday and you’re allowing yourself slowness today.

We have been in survival, running on a treadmill that has been going non stop, and now being in Eclipse season it feels like we’re getting pushed through to the end with not much gas left in our tanks. We are experiencing many different feelings.

Because we’ve been in hustle, survival and all things that effect our nervous systems- our bodies no longer have the fight left in them. They are tired and are craving rest from this wild year we’ve all experienced.

The body takes longer to catch up then the mind and the soul. Simply because of the fact it’s the 3D thing we have in this world. 3D is longer and more drawn out, 5D is more about energy and evolution of the world. Things move faster their- our soul has been guiding us there this whole time…. however now our bodies are saying, “hey wait for me- I’m tired, rest me please”.

That’s all fine and well- but uhhh what about the societal narratives we endure when it comes to taking time to straight up chill?

Lazy? Unmotivated? Not productive? How dareeeee you not push!

This is absolute BS and needs to be rewritten in 3,2,1 …..

Listen to your body, listen to what it’s saying. Choose to go for a walk vs pushing your body everyday. Listen to the motions it wants to move and let yourself lay for a while when you don’t feel like doing anything else. You’re tired? Yes- of course you are you just fought a huge battle this world didn’t prepare you for. Yes you are tired and you need your rest- for where you are going you will need this time to rest. Reprieve and work a little behind the scenes, because when you can’t see what’s coming it’s important to remember one thing…. the universe is always working to support you, your job is to meet it the rest of the way.

Listen to your body, hustle can wait. Slow down and be still and the pieces will fall into place.

You’ve done what you can and that’s the most important piece. Rest, be in nature and remember you can always take a break and still be in the race.

The world is changing and we need you to too… that means choose a new story. A new routine a new way of being that allows you to say f*ck it and go with the flow!

New beginnings are loading, we need you prepped. Time right now is the time to rest.




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