New Moon/Solar Eclipse…. ready, set-go time


Congrats to you you amazing human you. Somehow someway you made it to this point. You have done some pretty incredible shifting and changing to get here, in this exact moment that you are in right now.

Be proud of yourself, I am proud of you.

Change and digging deep into depths you may have never explored takes so much courage and bravery and looking back at everything you have overcome, I really truly hope you are move than proud of yourself. In fact I hope you see the changes and the person you have become as a warrior and even more than that a human being who is here for more than you ever thought possible before this year.

I hope you are smiling and I hope you are choosing to love yourself through it all… I hope you see yourself through the eyes of change.

This is your new beginning.

Settle into that statement. Let the tears flood. Let these words be the moment you have dreamt of for months leading up to this point.

Your new beginning is finally here and finally blooming.

I know that goodbyes are hard and endings feel intensely… while they also open new doors that you couldn’t possibly imagine would open before.

Here you are, more than ready to open the new doors opening for you.

There isn’t anything left for you to do, the ask’s of you have happened… it is time to rest and retreat and allow the opportunities to come to you. You will need your rest to be able to fly and you will need quiet to be able to hear which choice to make. These choices need your intuition to make them come through. They need your intuitive nudge to see it through.

This New Moon is happening on the 14th of December in the sign of Sagittarius. This is also the day of the Solar Eclipse, we have been feeling this energy for a while now and it has felt confusing, up down and all over the map.

Sagittarius loves new adventure, adventure that feels good to their soul.

This means with this powerful new moon and eclipse together and old cycle is ending – much thanks to our past node being aspected here (currently the collective is experiencing the south node in Sag) now with the new moon in this sign we are getting ready to start a brand new beginning. One that is way more aligned with the world today and to the soul life we desire to live.

There is something greater, a greater force helping us here. Unfortunately you don’t have much say in how this plays out. You can fight it but it wont feel good. Go where the doors of fate open to you.

This new beginning will be in a specific area for everyone differently and you can look at your birth chart for that, OR book a reading with me and ill help you dig a bit deeper around that 🙃

As a collective we are prepping for an entirely new and different world. We are being asked to see beliefs from both sides and realize there are no sides, we are being asked to get curious and ask questions (thanks to gemini north node) – and question everything. We are being asked to be present and go with the flow when it comes to making plans and change happening. These are signs that like change and they like to go where their hearts say to go. Listen. Listen to your heart.

If there has been coping mechanisms that your normally use that are no longer working- please note that this is because of the fact that YOU are changing and growing and so is everything around you. Being disassociated from a life you once lived is normal when changing at such speed.

Let this new moon open the doors of fate to a whole new world….

It’s here, your wings are ready. Let yourself free from the cocoon.

You did it.
You got this.

Shoot that arrow now.




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