A letter to Astrology,

Recently I participated in a live webinar on zoom with Astrologers from around the world. They spoke on the 2021 energies and taught lessons on how to utilize this energy.

Astrology Hub is this amazing podcast that I found in the midst of a crazy year and wow am I glad I did. Astrology Hub put out this invite to this webinar and I knew I had to go. They also put a challenge out to their community to write a letter to Astrology and named it- ‘The Astrology Hug’.

This letter was to encapuslate the gratitude you held for Astrology and what wisdom it brought to your life. I unfortunately missed the deadline for submitting mine- so I thought here was the next best thing 😉

When I heard the letters being shared my eyes swelled up with tears and my heart swelled. The people who submitted their letters and won the challenge… wow. It was if I felt like these people who I had never felt understood part of me, part of my soul- it was like we were connected through this wonderful tool. I felt seen, I felt heard. I felt like my interests were finally being given a big gold star.

Hearing these letters I knew I had to write one too….

Dear Astrology,

Wow- where do I begin.

First off all you have been one of my greatest imaginary friends. No, no no- I know you are real, but so many people didn’t think you were so we pretended to keep our friendship a secret, remember?

I remember finding you in the newspaper and looking for you in magazines curious about what you would say about my sign Aquarius. Little did I know then what I know now, that was only the beginning of a rabbit hole I knew nothing about.

You are so much more than a horoscope in a paper. You are this beautiful language that so many don’t understand and have deemed you not real. But you- you are the realist as it comes. You are the permission slip directly to our hearts.

Astrology, you have taught me things about myself I never knew before. You have given me the ability to see myself which has helped me feel seen and heard like never before. You are a friend, a reminder, a guiding star that is always pointing me to my true north.

I wish more people could see through your eyes, understand the way you speak and the sparkle you make when you shine your light. I wish they could- but you always remind me how each of us has a path that is so very unique and it isn’t up to me to make them see.

You are unity.

You are inclusive and see beyond the surface. You truly are a sky full of stars.

Astrology you have helped me find a home. A home in which I felt so far from long ago. You have given me this map where I got to explore and find myself through every house and knocked on door. You showed me how I love and where and why it hurts so much. Why I feel so deeply and how my biggest desire is to be fully free and be all of me.

Finally because of you, I finally feel like my dreams are coming true. I finally feel like I get to be me. A me in which others haven’t fully got to see. But because of you and all you have taught me I feel so ready, more ready than I ever have been maybe.

As I get ready to embark on a wild journey down my Saturn Return, and I scramble to look for answers- I know you are there. I feel your guidance, I feel your support, I feel you there constantly showing me.

Astrology you have illuminated my path. You have lit up one in which I never knew previously existed. And even though it is different, I know deep within that you have given me this gift to walk boldly ahead with.

You truly are one of the greatest gifts I have had the pleasure of learning. I cannot wait to see this journey unfold for you and me. It feels like it’s truly just the beginning of a friendship that is fully illuminating.

Now let’s get moving- we got a lot of work to do 🙃👽

Love your Aquarius friend, Courtney


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