The Great Awakening…

December 21st 2020…..

This is a day that is currently getting a lot of hype in the world of spirituality and social media. AND for a good reason.

This isn’t a day that we are going to sky rocket into a new dimension- however there is an onset of change that will be taking place, that already has been taking place leading to here. Us humans are in for a new beginning that is long overdue, however very on time.

Before going into this awakening that our collective is going to be embarking on, I wanted to mention again the magic in the fact that YOU are here for this. The stats are actually here to prove this and if you don’t believe me- heres the link šŸ˜‰

The chances that any of us are here right now in this moment experiencing a world that is changing in a way we never could have imagined – it’s not a coincidence. And if you still believe in coincidences…. buckle up friend- you are in for some serious shockers moving forward.


I don’t say this to scare you, instead I say this as the truth of an existence that should sink deep within your soul and give you sparks of hope for a new world. We have been in the birthing process the last 9 months. And the due date has come.

December 21st 2020, we as a collective are birthing a new world.

This Great Conjunction between both Jupiter and Saturn happens every 20 years, but this time it is in the sign of Aquarius which has all sorts of magic and renaissance all over it. This is where we get to start to see the onset of a world that is quite different than we have ever experienced before.

The conjunction it self is when two planets come together and are at a very close degree. This conjunction between these two planets is at 0 degrees of Aquarius. This is huge.

We have been seeing the change already occurring in small ways, but this is the officially new beginning that we have been getting ready for.

There will be resistance from many people and structures who feel resistant to change and really still want to hold on to way things use to be. This is a normal human egoic response, as we ascend we are asked to let go of our one track minds and zoom out. This is what Aquarius asks us to do. WIth Saturn in Aquarius there will still be restrictions and mass responsibility from our collective to think in new and different ways, and Jupiter will expand this. Jupiter expands all it touches, so this conjunction is one big- this is a HUGE blessing that will help you in your life but you need to do what you can to KEEP IT ALIVE. aka- just like a baby.

Awakening is what we have already been doing, so don’t get too caught up in this whole awakening title. You have been doing it without even fully being aware. Awakening is a process of cleansing and clearing and making space for new. It isn’t easy and it 100% isn’t love and light all the time- so drop that idea real quick. There isn’t room for spiritual bypassing in this realm.

Aquarius energy is the energy we are moving toward and this conjunction swings the door wide open for this energy to rush in.

If you are someone with a lot of Aquarius in your chart- suit up. Saturn Return kids, this is your turn to run the race. This is the time to step into your purpose and take responsibility for the life you are here to create, not only for yourself but for the world.

This Great Awakening may be just beginning, but you have been primed for this. This is your time to run with it.

There isn’t anything you HAVE to do for this, but spirit wants to remind us all that letting go of all the stale things that don’t feel good to you anymore, LET THEM GO. If you are curious about things, start learning now and forget about the end goal. This energy is asking you to ascend faster than you may have ever been use to.

Mediate, self soothe and protect your nervous system. This is incredibly important to not only help yourself shift but the collective as well.

You got this.

If you are reading this, congratulate yourself. You are here right now, you made it through some incredibly wavy waters, and no- things won’t ever be the same again.. do NOT fear this. DO NOT LET FEAR SUCK YOU IN… you are a divine human being who is here to change the world through perspective that are unique to you. This conjunction is the beginning of new world, a new version of you. No more playing small- this world needs you.

Let this Great Awakening break you open to your fullest expression.

The time is now.




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