Aquarius SZN – the most wonderful time of the year ???

Let us just start by saying … YES- it’s that time. The most wonderful time of the year, according to who? Well, to those who are visionaries, dreamers, believers and the most unique individuals this world has the PLEASURE of knowing… thats who πŸ˜‰

Aquarius Season is the period of time from January 19th- February 20th. It’s a 4 week period of time where the sun starts to bless us with an energy that is radically different than any of the other energies in the zodiac. It comes after Capricorn season which gives us a sense of hope and optimism that is needed to take on our big audatious goals we set during CAP SZN.

So let’s dive in shall we?

Before we do, I want you to think about what makes you the most different. What parts of you do you feel like you love about yourself , that make you YOU- but you feel scared to share with the world? Feel into that.

I bring this up for a few reasons. For starters I want you to realize that is something that is incredibly special about you and the world needs to see it. And I want to say- stop hiding your magic πŸ˜‰ BUT, I also bring this up because the world we are living in NEEDS THIS.

You know how it felt when you were younger and someone said something in regards to who you were? Maybe you were labeled to emotional? Maybe you were labeled different or weird. Maybe you were shamed for being you.

Aquarius energy says, “enough of that”.

Look around right now, zoom out and see what is happening- we have seen and will never be able to un see the amount of shame and judgement that has been passed out freely over lifetimes here on Earth. To hurting people and belittling them because of their skin colour, to disrespecting someone for who they love. TO SIMPLY shutting someone down because they have a different thought.

It isn’t right.

Aquarius season says- enough is enough. Especially this time around.

This Aquarius SZN is going to be different than the rest because of the cluster of planets that will be in this sign. Simply put- it’s revolutionary.

Aquarius is a little rebellious and loves freedom- k maybe more than a little πŸ˜‰

When you take away an Aquarius’s freedom- watch out. *hint hint – look at the world around you**

This is the season that brings up the inner uniqueness we all have. It brings up our dreams, our wishes – no matter how out there they are. It also brings up a side that can be detached, and lonely- isolated even.

During the next four weeks we are going to have The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, New Moon all in the sign of Aquarius. BUCKLE UP FRIENDS.

Below are ways that you can use this energy in your own life. We all have this somewhere in our own charts (you can book a reading with me to dive in deeper) or look online. But really it’s asking you to BE YOURSELF. YOUR WHOLE SELF. Be weird, and follow the path that isn’t known.

We can expect:

  • Push back from the people
  • Innovation
  • More social constraints
  • More creative social gatherings
  • More app creations
  • More social platforms
  • Science – the good and the not so good
  • Intuition on point
  • Creative streaks
  • Intellectual thoughts/convos
  • Wanting to be alone OR wanting to really SHINE
  • A desire to be seen for who you are
  • Spiritual Revolution
  • Protests to freedom

There will be a lot of push back to the change that is needed from those who aren’t fully understanding of this level of consciousness.

Remember that Aquarius is the 11th sign. This means it’s the second last sign and is very close to “ascending” (read between the lines) Because of this Aqaurius doesn’t have space for fake, it sees through all of that at it’s highest level of evolvement. Aqaurius is here for the collective, here to help communities near and far and to be of service in a way that is different.

This is the season that changes the entire structure of the world.

THIS IS A GOOD THING- please don’t fear it… trust that this is what we need to do for future generations to come. We are the pioneers they need. Tap into your inner Aquarius, it’s calling your name πŸ‘½ πŸ’«

See you on the other side ✌🏿✌🏽🀞


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