“Its okay to NOT be okay”

“You are NOT alone”  “End the Stigma”  “Feel your Feelings”  “Your thoughts are not your feelings” “Breathe”  These have become sayings we have started to use more frequently in our every day lives.  We have found a way to give language to something that isn’t always seen or heard.  We the human race, have been … Continue reading “Its okay to NOT be okay”

The Unbecoming of Everything You’ve Ever Known.

This is the unbecoming of everything you’ve ever known. The unravelling. The delayering. The patterns and shifts that have been curated in order for you to let go. Like seriously let it all go. Like you’re looking in a mirror and see your reflection staring back at you. You watch as the layers you wear … Continue reading The Unbecoming of Everything You’ve Ever Known.