Dear, You

Dear, You

Welcome to the section of the blog where you can find what you need in the form of a little letter written for you.

In life we all walk through the world having different yet very similar experiences. We often forget that other people are walking this path with us. As humans we all want to feel seen for who we are. We want to be heard. We want to feel understood. It’s something we all crave- yet we’ve been living in a world where that hasn’t always been the reality.

This is the section where I want you the reader to feel like you can click on WHATEVER post/ letter you need to help you navigate what you’re feeling or growing through.

It’s easy to feel like we’re alone when things are tough. And It’s hard to remember that eventually it will pass.

Sometimes we just need a reminder. Sometimes we just need another person to reflect back to us what we already know within. Sometimes we need to read something that gives us a little nudge of encouragement and love to keep us going.

This is what Dear, You is all about.

I’m excited to have this new addition to Bravely Beautiful. This community I have been cultivating deserves to be seen and heard. We all deserve this. We all deserve to be seen and heard for who we truly are. For our whole selves. The light. The dark. And the messy in between.


Me 💌