Welcome to the new addition to Bravely Beautiful. These sessions have been designed specifically with you in mind. The world is shifting and going through a mass awakening, which means YOU are too. With these offerings, I am opening session to bring you healing through Reiki energy as well as provide insight through my intuitive and psychic abilities. 

I will now be offering Distance Reiki Healing and Intuitive Readings WORLDWIDE! This is starting off as ‘SUMMER SESSIONS’ and are here to provide you healing in whatever aspect of life you are feeling called to need a little extra love and empowerment in. 

   Below you can find information on what these offerings and services include, as well as a link to head straight to the booking calendar. It is important to remember these services are provided all by distance. Which means all you need is ZOOM and an email address. (more info provided below).

Energy is energy, which means it is just as powerful by distance… if not even more. 

*Reiki Level 1 & 2 trained/ attunded * 


Intuitive Readings

4 copy 2 What is an ‘Intuitive Reading’?

These are readings that are provided as psychic/intuitive insight into YOUR own energy. These readings are here to help you gain clarity on certain areas in life you may be needing a little extra support in.
With these readings, I call in the support of my guides and your own, as well as tap into your energy. Doing this allows me to pick up on messages and channel them into words that I write and deliver to your email address provided. I will also add an oracle card spread as an extra little dose of insight into the energy I will be reading.
These sessions currently have no contact. This means you book the session and ask a question or provide insight into what you are needing clarity on. When you book the session time this is HOLDING your reading space. During the scheduled time I will be tapping into your energy.. but don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything special. You get to continue with your day and I will send you an email as soon as I am done with your written channeled message. (zoom readings coming soon)

*these sessions come with the distance reiki session as well 




What is Reiki?

REI • KI (pronounced ray-key) 
Reiki is an alternative sacred Japanese energy healing modality. This is a technique that uses the Reiki universal energy to raise the vibration of one’s emotional, physical, and mental state. It is used to help heal the body on not only a physical level but energetic as well. Reiki energy is channeled through the crown chakra of the practitioner. The practitioner channels this energy through the palm of their hands which allows them to then send healing to parts of the client’s body which they intuitively feel called toward.
In Reiki healing, we work with the chakra system. We move over the energetic body (aura) allowing the Reiki energy to be the guide showing us where healing is needed. Reiki healing always goes where it is needed, regardless of the practitioner moves over that area or not.
I use Reiki Holy Fire 3- Usui and was trained in Level 1 &2
This is all done by distance. You will book and purchase your session and will then receive an email with confirmation. I will then send you an email with the ZOOM link. We will do a 10-15-minute check-in and will set you up with music that is relaxing and calming. We will hang up the call and I will start to send Reiki Healing to you. All you have to do is lay comfortably in a spot that is quiet and allows you space to be still. I will send you about 15 minutes of reiki energy healing. After the healing is done I will send you a voice note letting you know what came up with some follow up instructions. As well as you have the opportunity to share with me what you may be feeling or any questions you may have.
Reiki is a beautiful experience. It feels like a massage without being touched. Like a deep mediative state where you are able to receive energy and medicine at the same time. This a deep form of healing and it is important to know that it can bring up many different emotions. I am not a therapist or a medical doctor. Reiki can be used as a supplement to medical treatments.
Reiki is for everyone! If you are looking for a way to heal something on the physical level.. Reiki can be a great way to move the energy in order to heal it. If you are going through mental health or emotional challenges- Reiki is for you too. Reiki energy is for the highest good of the person receiving. You will always receive the energy you are needing in order to return to a place of balance and high vibration. Reiki can be used on children, moms to be, ANYONE! Reiki is good for the soul.

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These are avalible to book through Instagram only currently. During a full moon reading you will get a mini astro reading with how the full moon will affect your sign, reiki healing, a free full moon workbook with journal prompts and intutive insight on what may be coming up for you.
10 SPOTS AVAILIBLE booking until AUG 30th 2020. You will recieve your reading the week of Sept 2nd. DM @bravelybeautifulblog on intagram for more info!



 Manifestation Calls

It feels really amazing when someone hears our dream, and believes in us. It feels even better to have some hear our dream, encourge us and then help us work through the “what if’s”, the “I can’t’s” and the hesitation and blocks holding us back. This is why I have created these calls. 
In these ZOOM virtual calls I will guide you through a vizualization and short meditation. We will talk about what it is you are wanting to manifest and I will hold space for your vision. During this session together we will work through a few questions helping you to get clear on what may be holding you back