the calm before the storm….

Today, writing this blog - I’m somewhat at a loss for words.  I’m at a loss for words for a few reasons…. a) I can’t think of an appropriate title for this AND b) because we’re in that space. We’re in the energy of the old escaping us and feeling a newness arise.  It leaves … Continue reading the calm before the storm….

Dear you, the person outgrowing their life….

Hey you,  I'm amazed at what you’re doing.  You really are truly brave.  It takes so much courage and bravery to change your life.  To admit that you aren’t happy or satisfied in your present circumstance.  and hey, it’s more than ok.  That discomfort that you’re feeling is you outgrowing yourself.  You shedding a layer … Continue reading Dear you, the person outgrowing their life….