libra season… rebalancing

Libra Season. One of my favourites. The feeling of calm, gentle and empathic understanding. Mixed with the voice of logical reason and working together in a harmonious way. Libra season September 22nd- October 20th/21st. Beauty LovePartnershipsArtMusicEqualityJustice SystemLegalitiesFairness to HumanityMirror People Pleasing Yin/ Yang This is our harvest season and as some would also say 'cuffing … Continue reading libra season… rebalancing

OCTOBER/ LIBRA CARD PULL – ‘balancing out the new’

October is the time of year we let go. We watch the leaves fall from the trees and step into the changing season and scenery around us. When things outside of us change it’s due to a reflection of what’s changed within us. What we’ve internally let go of. This is fall. This is October. … Continue reading OCTOBER/ LIBRA CARD PULL – ‘balancing out the new’